Parks and Recreation

Our mission is to enrich the lives of the residents of the City of San Joaquin by providing safe parks and recreation facilities. We’re committed to creating affordable diverse recreation activities for people of all ages.

The San Joaquin Parks and Recreation has 6 areas. Each area offers programs that cater to the needs of the community. With a focus on health, fitness, youth programs as well as a variety of adult and senior programs we are sure you will find something that interests you!

Community Center:

The Leo Cantu Community Center is located near the downtown area. Which also shares space with the Peter Rusconi Park. The Leo Cantu Community Center also provides after schools youth activities, community dances, fitness programs and so much more! The Leo Cantu Community Center is also available to rent for most special occasion.

Veterans Memorial Hall:

Welcome to the San Joaquin Veterans Memorial Hall. On our website you’ll find information and photos of our facility. For price quotes and general information, please contact City Hall at (559) 693-4311. We look forward to assisting you in your next event!

Senior Centers:

The San Joaquin Senior Center keeps individuals over the age of 55 active, mentally and physically. Since staying active is the key to healthy aging, having a senior center available allows senior residences the opportunity to stay active. The programs, classes, and activities the Senior Center offers can also improve the quality of life. Most programs that are offered at the Senior Center are free, but some may have a small fee. If you’ve never looked into the programs and services available at the Senior Center, you don’t know what you’re missing. Learn what activities may be offered at the Senior Center by contacting the San Joaquin City Hall.

Sports Complex:

The San Joaquin Park Sports Complex is an outdoor sports field that has 1 softball field, 2 soccer fields, a playground, a running track/trail, and a new concession stand.

Peter Rusconi Park:

Located in the heart of San Joaquin the Peter Rusconi Park shares a location with Leo Cantu Community Center. The Peter Rusconi Park has an intermediate skate park, Basketball court, and a picnic area with oversized barbecue pits that are large enough to feed a medium to large gathering.

City of San Joaquin

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